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Fried Pickles 8

Our take on a Southern classic. Seasoned pickles deep-fried to perfection. Served with a side of ranch and russian dressing


Buffalo Wings (1 lb) 14

Traditional mild spiced chicken wings with ranch, carrots, celery.


Fried Brussel Sprouts 10

Fried brussel sprouts tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, kissed with honey. Topped with herbed goat cheese.


Ghostwood Cheese Curds 8

Cheese curds coated in our in house brewed ghost wood beer batter


Reuben Egg Rolls 13

New york staple with a twist  filled with pastrami relish sauerkraut and shredded swiss cheese. Russian dress on side


Wet Lemon Pepper Wings (1 lb) 14

Crispy chicken wings tossed in house made lemon habanero pepper sauce, finished with lemon zest and parsley. Served with ranch.


Fun-Guy Fries 10

Thyme marinated portabella mushrooms crusted in parmesan cheese and panko fried until golden. Served with a balsamic aioli.


Pizzanadas 13

It's a calzone, it's an empanada, it's a Pizzanada! Here's our take on a familiar treat. Mozzarella, marinara and pepperoni. Served with marinara and ranch.



Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken Salad 14

A colorful Blend of mixed greens, mandarin, cabbage, carrots and watermelon radishes tossed in a spicy thai peanut dressing and topped with crispy fried chicken breast, fried rice noodles and wonton strips. (Make it a wrap!)


Buffalo Blue Chicken Salad 14

buffalo tossed chicken breast, blue cheese dressing, romaine, tomato, onion, and cucumber. (Make it a wrap!)

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Buffalo Blue Chicken Sando 18

Blue cheese dressed arugula on top of a buffalo tossed chicken breast with onion, tomato and pickle on a brioche bun. Comes with fries or a house salad.(Substitute with a cauliflower steak for vegetarian option)


Ghostwood Smashburger 18

2 smashed burger patties with american cheese, lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion  on a pretzel bun. Comes with fries or a house salad. (Substitute impossible burger for vegetarian option


CBR Salad 14

Chicken bacon ranch cobb salad includes red onions, avocado, and cherry tomatoes (Make it a wrap!)


CBR Chicken Sando  18

Summer meets chicken sandwiches. Fried chicken, bacon, avocado,  ranch, arugula, onion, tomato and pickle. Comes with fries or a house salad. (Substitute with a cauliflower steak for vegetarian option)


BBQ Chicken Sando  18

Blueberry BBQ sauce, fried chicken, arugula dressed in lemon vinaigrette, onion, tomato and pickle on a brioche bun. Comes with fries or a house salad. (Substitute with a cauliflower steak for vegetarian option)



Kid's Menu

Little Tenders with Tots

Kid's Chicken Sliders with Tots

Kid's Mac


Tater Tots  6

Mac and Cheese 7

House Salad 4

Wedge Salad 6

Vegetable Crudite with Ranch 5

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